Monday 19th December 2022


Every day can be Gender Critical Coming Out Day

The idea is simple: let others know you support the reality of biological sex, and that you are against an ideology that says gender identity can replace sex. Although December 19th is the ‘official’ campaign day, every day can be Gender Critical Coming Out Day. It doesn’t mean you have to make any big announcements. There are lots of ways to “come out”.

Some people are able to be very open, while others might only be able to do something subtle, but together our collective actions all add up. So it’s important you only do what is safe and right for you. You might use a different term to describe your views, eg gender atheist, or no label at all. So, the label isn’t the important thing, and there’s no right or wrong way to engage in the issue; we all take different approaches.

What can you do?

Everyone needs to assess their own situation as to how open they can be. On this site, we list a range of things you can do, some simple and immediate and others that take a bit of preparation or planning. You don’t have to make any big announcement if that’s not right for you. There are subtle ways to signal to others with similar views. Also, you don’t need to be confrontational. This isn’t about arguing, complaining or trying to convince anyone of anything.

Why December 19th?

Although every day can be Gender Critical Coming Out Day, the ‘official’ campaign day is December 19th each year because that is the anniversary of this tweet from J.K. Rowling:

JK Rowling's tweet from 19 December 2019

This tweet inspired so many other people to stand up and speak out about how gender ideology negatively impacts women, children, lesbians, gay men and bisexual people. Lots of other tweets and actions have inspired people too. However, we’ve picked this one to be symbolic of whatever tweet, speech, action, event or news story brought this issue to your attention or inspired you.

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