Buy some merch and be the billboard

There are a few different sites selling great Gender Critical merchandise with GC messages. For example, you could wear a definition t-shirt to work or when meeting up with friends/family. You could start using a “Female” design mug in the office. It could be something more subtle like a Women Won’t Wheesht badge or ribbon. Whatever you choose to do, by wearing or using these items you become the billboard. You signal to those who recognise the message that you think the same as they do on this issue, and you have something that starts a conversation.

Standing for Women / Adult Human Female
A massive selection of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, badges, bags, stickers, balloons and more featuring the definition of a woman, or various “Female” designs and slogans.

Collection of items from the Standing For Women online store

The Famous Artist Birdy Rose
Paintings, prints, t-shirts and stickers with beautiful original artwork

Collection of t shirt designs from the Famous Artist Birdy Rose online store

Suffragette Central
Jewelry, bags, mugs, and more from the Home of the 21st Century Suffragette

Wild Womyn Workshop
Badges, stickers, posters, t-shirts with all kinds of GC feminism slogans

Women Are People Too
Feminist jewellery made in sterling silver

LGB Alliance
Beanies, t-shirts, hoodies and mugs with LGB Alliance logo

For Women Scotland
For Women Scotland and Suffragette Ribbon lapel badges

Saltire Custom Creations
Women Won’t Wheesht collection

Keep Prisons Single Sex
T-shirts, hoodies, and tote bag with the KPSS message

Clachan Crafts
Suffragette themed jewelry, handmade in Scotland

Clothing, art, tote bags and tea towels with various FiLiA designs

ReSisters United
Clothing and accessories with ReSisters United logo and variations

Northern RadFem Network
Clothing, keyrings, mugs and bags with Northern RadFem Network logo and messages

Jess De Wahls
Original artwork, embroidery, jewelry, postcards and prints

The Mole Emporium (will back soon)
All sorts of t-shirts, tops, bags, homeware and accessories with GC logo, Terf Island designs, and other slogans/images. (And a big thank you for letting us use the GC logo on this site).

Collection of items from the Mole Emporium online store